With the ever-increasing demand for our services there is a continuous focus on increasing capacity.

For this reason we are excited to be partnering with Claregalway & District Day Care to open a new purpose-built day care centre in Claregalway. The project is currently at tender stage and will provide 25 Day Care Places, five days per week. Ten of these places will be for service users who have a dementia diagnosis and the specialist care will be provided by Western Alzheimers.

The project is budgeted to cost €600,000 and Western Alzheimers is required to raise €185,000 as its contribution to the build costs. Construction is scheduled to commence in April 2018.  A bus service will be provided on varying days to different areas of County Galway to ensue easy access.

Quality specialised day care, like the planned Claregalway Day Care plays a significant role in ensuring that persons living with dementia can enjoy a meaningful life as an active member of the community for as long as possible.

Come along to the Open House this Sunday 14th to find out more about this new development.



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