Volunteer Spotlight | Cyril Guedje

Introducing Cyril Guedje

Volunteer at Western Alzheimers Charity Shop Castlebar.


From playing international football for Togo to volunteering in Castlebar…Meet Cyril -one of our volunteers in the Western Alzheimers Charity Shop in Castlebar who found us via Mayo Volunteer Centre.  Volunteering can be a great way to feel a part of the community you live in. Read Cyril’s story to see how volunteering helped him after moving to Ireland from his life as an international football player in Togo!


Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Cyril Guedje, I am from Togo, West Africa. I am a professional soccer player. I have played in Togo, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France and Ireland. When I came to Ireland, I played with St Pat’s in Dublin before moving to Mayo to play here and study in GMIT. I’ve been in Ireland almost 4 years.


What kind of volunteering do you do?

I volunteer in the Western Alzheimer charity shop in Castlebar. I’ve learned so much – how to work on the till, how to look after people when they buy things, how to steam and fold clothes, pricing – a bit of everything! I work 3-4 hours a week.

How did you get involved in volunteering?

Volunteering is something I liked to do in my country – in social events for children, working with alcoholics and homeless people… So when I came here, I thought about it. It’s something I have in my personality. I came into Le Cheile to ask about how to volunteer and I met Mayo Volunteer Centre staff who suggested Western Alzheimers. I had an interview there and the boss was happy and she gave me the opportunity to work there.

Why do you volunteer? Do you feel you get any personal benefits from it?

It’s something I like to do. I like to do it to help people. I’m a bit shy but when I started in Western Alzheimers I had the chance to talk to people. Now I can say that I am more social with people. I’m learning how to work on the till, how to deal with people. It’s huge what I’m getting from it and I’m really enjoying it. I’m very happy and thank you very much to the charity shop.

We are always in need of volunteers like Cyril, a little of your time can go a long way please sign up below to see how you could help out.

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