“Who Cares” by Caroline Holohan

Caroline Holohan speaks about working in Marian House and implementing her training with Sonas.

The start of a journey; initially, I had no idea where it would lead or what would be accomplished.

The course is called ‘Sonas’ Workshop.    It equipped me with knowledge of the structure and function of the human body and enabled me to recognize the human body as an entity, it also dealt with the effects of dementia and changes in communication on the person and on relationships.

The workshop trained me in the initiating of programmes in cognitive, sensory and social stimulation and was of great benefit to our clients who suffer from Alzheimers and dementia, the benefits of Sonas to our clients included increased awareness, relaxation, improved quality of life, to name a few.

The Sonas programme was introduced into Marian House where reminiscence therapy sessions were a daily event.    All sorts of sensory stimulation can prompt reminiscences, singing songs & reciting poetry can trigger memories.  Rummage boxes & memory books were created with the individual clients in Marian House.

Sometimes we watch as families struggle to make sense out of what was happening their loved ones. We watch as people who were previously admired become a mere shadow of themselves, we watch the essence of a loved one drain away.

It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to think that I was able to help one of the most vulnerable sectors of our community.   Thinking about people who suffer from Alzheimer Disease this saying always comes to mind “Love leaves a memory no one can steal”.  So true for you and me but sadly Alzheimers Disease can steal that memory of love.

I derived great satisfaction from my job in Marian House and I’m delighted to share my experience with you.

The following poem is a few words that I compiled some years ago about my journey as a carer.



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