How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser | Picture Guide

Setting up a Facebook fundraiser is an ideal way to spread awareness of your charity event and collect money without paying fees!
You can set fundraising targets, invite friends to donate and share posts from Western Alzheimers, all while staying within Facebook. See below for our picture guide on how to set up a Facebook Fundraiser.  We have used our Peak of the Reek Challenge as an example.

Go to the Western Alzheimers Facebook page.

Click on Fundraisers button to the left of the screen directly under “Home”.

Click on “Raise Money” button to the right of the screen.

Click the Get Started Button!

Western Alzheimers will appear as the charity you just enter the amount hope to raise (this can be adjusted after set up) and the date up to which you will collect donations.

Next adjust the title of your Fundraiser.

The why you are raising money section will auto populate with our information you can adjust this if you wish.

Finally insert the event cover you wish to use – you will be offered a selection of our photos, alternatively you can use your own.

That is it – you’re done, invite your friends to donate and the fundraiser will appear along the others on our page.  No fees are charged and the money goes direct into our account.  Simples!


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