Department of Health Clarifies 2km limit

Carers who wish to take their loved ones living with dementia for a drive can exceed the 2km limit – please see clarification from the Department of Health below. If you require a letter as detailed please phone 094 9364900 or email

We are aware that the current restrictions are difficult for everybody and often particularly for Adults and Children with disabilities who might need more frequent outdoor breaks and who might not always live in an environment that gives easy access to suitable outdoor space.

When these current, additional restrictions came into place, a point was included to say that people can leave their home – for vital family reasons, such as providing care to children, elderly or vulnerable people.

This would also provide for those people with disabilities and/or their carers who might have additional needs in relation to access to outdoor breaks and time. The situations that you outline in relation to going for a drive would reasonably be included here as well.

If required, local service providers can provide a letter to parents/carers confirming that the person is a service user with special needs and would benefit from additional outdoor breaks for health reasons.

We know that Gardai will take a pragmatic approach in these situations.

I hope this is of some reassurance.

Further details :


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