safety_lifting_rug-669x1024Although most people consider their homes as being safe environments there are nearly always hidden hazards for people suffering from dementia. It is prudent to make a thorough inspection of areas around and in the house. Basic precautions can make a difference and as the patient’s condition deteriorates “new hazards” must be watched out for:

  • Provide an uncluttered home with familiar objects in the usual places
  • Hazards that may cause tripping and falling: rugs, slippery floors, uneven surfaces, extension leads etc., should not be across the floor.
  • Have a master switch installed on cooker, if gas, switch off outside.
  • Have secured fireguard around fireplace.
  • Consider buying a fire blanket, which is easily accessible in the kitchen
  • Install handrail in toilet/bathroom
  • Consider a thermostatically controlled hot water system or lower temperature
  • Keep cleaning supplies, insecticides, paint and medicines out of reach or stored in cabinets with childproof latches/locks
  • Get rid of poisonous house plants
  • Make sure gates are secure

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